Valverde values ​​leaving Barça

Modern football is advancing so fast that there is no time to enjoy the successes or analyze the defeats. Yesterday is no longer valid, even if it is full of trophies. Only then can it be explained that a coach who has won two consecutive doubles can leave through the back door of a club that a couple of decades ago was scrawny in Leagues or Cups. It is the reality of a Barcelona that lives pending what could happen in the final on May 25 against Valencia to decide what to do with Ernesto Valverde.

The Getafe hall knows little. The debacle of Liverpool marks the present and the future of the Catalan entity. Just a week after celebrating the league title, Barcelona lives in a deep depression that will lead to the remodeling of an aging and exhausted staff, squeezed, which has won everything nationally but which has been crashing for four seasons in Europe. Priority in the road map of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Last year, from the noble floor of Arístides Maillol, the continuity of Valverde after the humiliation of Rome was put into question. Only the double could save him. The costumes reacted by wrapping up their coach and beating Sevilla in the Cup final. Now, not even the final against Valencia ensures the continuity of a coach who was crowned league champion with three games to complete the championship and , at the moment, keeps the second classified to eleven points and Real Madrid to eighteen.

But the doubts about the continuity of Valverde are reciprocal. The coach is evaluating the possibility of rescinding his contract as soon as the last official match is played. Despite the agreement reached by both parties in February to make the renewal clause effective until 2020, the latest events have generated doubts in the main actors and changes in the scenario.

He feels imprisoned
«I feel strong, I'm fine. With desire to take a step forward. I'm not going to hide under a stone, "said Valverde before the match against Getafe, the next after the forceful elimination against Liverpool. However, he acknowledged that "I feel like in 'The Great Escape'. Like Steve McQueen. Every time I'm about to do it, I go back to the punishment cell. They just caught me and I'm in the punishment cell ». The disenchantment felt after being questioned last year has returned in the form of self-criticism. He has received the backing of Josep Maria Bartomeu but the vitola with which he should charge next season after the two European eliminations would be too heavy a backpack. Valverde is not a coach who holds on to the position. He is honest, sincere and always goes to face. He does not fully understand the reasons why he is questioned with a double in the showcase and another on the way, beyond the Super Cup he won this past summer.

From his surroundings all the obstacles against which he has had to fight and which seems not to be valued from the surroundings slide. As soon as he signed for Barcelona, ​​he found Neymar's escape, one of the mainstays of the team, PSG, Dembélé's injury, Iniesta's march, Paulinho's transfer, signings he did not ask for and departures he did not authorize. Enough grounds to ask for the account at the end of the month if he can raise the Cup.

The precedent of Espanyol
It would not be the first time that Valverde leaves the position having a contract in force for not agreeing with the policy of a club or for feeling uncomfortable. In 2008 he resigned to continue at Espanyol to avoid having to endure the rarefied environment that perished the parakeet wardrobe. He did not mind giving up the million euros of his contract. Having led the Blue and Whites to the Europa League final, he refused the year of his remaining contract to go to Greece. Of course, until the last minute he was working for the Catalan team, planning his future, as he is now doing in Barcelona. Although it does not continue next year.

The support of the wardrobe
Respected in Valencia, idolized in Olympiacos, appreciated at Espanyol and worshiped in Bilbao, he was only dismissed at Villarreal (2009). He does not want the same thing happening at the Camp Nou and prefers to open the door before being invited to leave. Valverde has the respect and appreciation of the costumes, which last year he turned with him when it transpired the possibility that the board dismissed him. His tune with Messi is sufficient endorsement. As much as to convince the Argentine star to rest by appeasing any seismic movement.

The debacle against Liverpool has not reduced support. «I am one of those who thinks that you have to value things in the end, throughout the trajectory. We are united, between the players and the staff. From the first player to the last and in all matches. There are debates, but we are on the sidelines, "points out Busquets. And Jordi Alba is added: "We are very happy with Valverde. I hope it continues, because it has given me life ». Just in case, the club already looks for substitutes for the next year. (tagsToTranslate) valverde (t) barcelona (t) future

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