Van Gucht asks Belgians to stay at home: “The next few days will be decisive”

Sciensano’s virologist warns of the figures, which remain worrying.

Face the numbers which continue to rise, Steven Van Gucht asks the Belgians this Sunday to stay at home as much as possible. In total, 305,409 people have been infected in Belgium since the start of the epidemic. According to the virologist, the next few days will be decisive.

“The number of infections is increasing less rapidly,” reassures Van Gucht to the Belga agency, even if the figures are on the rise in all provinces. Currently, 708 people are in intensive care, up from 384 a week ago. If the increase continues at the current rate, we will exceed the milestone of 1,000 patients within a week and 2,000 by November 6. “Intensive care is on the verge of strangulation,” warns the virologist from Sciensano.

Van Gucht therefore calls on people to stay at home and limit their contacts as much as possible for a certain period of time. “We must do more than what the government asks for. This is how we will have the greatest impact. Stay at home. Stay in your bubble. Don’t see your family or friends, and don’t go to meetings. Make it the most pleasant in your bubble at home. For those who live alone: ​​only hang out with one friend. In this way, we will be able to reverse the trend ”.

The positivity rate is now 18.3%.


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