Vandenbroucke on the vaccination strategy: “Pfizer and AstraZeneca make this task extremely difficult”

Delays in deliveries make it difficult to start the vaccination campaign.

Lhe delay in the delivery of the vaccine against the Covid-19 developed by AstraZeneca is “extremely embarrassing”, declared Saturday the Minister of Public Health Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A). “There are a lot of uncertainties and people need to understand that the immunization task force will have to constantly review its strategy. But Pfizer and AstraZeneca make this task extremely difficult, ”he said on the RTBF newspaper.

For the AstraZeneca vaccine, “we had a contract in sight which promised 1.5 million doses for the first quarter,” detailed Mr. Vandenbroucke. “And AstraZeneca announces that it will decrease to 650,000. This will be caught up later, but it is still extremely inconvenient for the start of the (vaccination) campaign. This is very bad news, ”he lamented. “On the other hand, the good news remains that for (the vaccine) Pfizer, we have an additional tranche for the 2nd quarter of 4.4 million doses and, in addition, additional tranches for the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter. ”

“On the market, they have a monopoly and we are totally dependent,” he said of pharmaceutical companies. “The European Commission has an important role to play and must take strong positions vis-à-vis the industry to claim what has been promised. These uncertainties make the organization of the campaign very difficult. ”

Frank Vandenbroucke also indicated that the instruction had been given to test on a large scale a district where there was an outbreak of contamination.

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