Vargas also recovers from the coronavirus in Espanyol

Matthias Little monkey Vargas he thinks he isrecovered from coronavirus It has affected him like five other more affected people that were detected in Espanyol. The illness and recovery of the Argentine striker has been known Fernando Batista, coach of the sub-23 team of the albiceleste team.

“I was talking to several of them, but mostly to see how they are since this happened. Monito Vargas had the coronavirus, became infected. I spoke to find out how he was in his physical condition. He felt good, he was calm, “Batista revealed in an interview with TNT Sports. The coach is in contact with the Espanyol striker for being one of the candidates to join the Argentina team for the Tokyo games finally postponed.

“He says that suddenly he started feeling tired, a little fever. He believed he could test positive because he already had several partners with the virus. He took it easy. He did not leave his house, did not come into contact with anyone. They left their purchases at the door, he was very aware. It’s over and now it’s fine. “ Batista added.

According to this testimony, the third identity of the six affected by coronavirus in Espanyol is already known. All through their respective national federations or their countries of origin. The Uruguayan disease was first known Leando Cabrera and days later it was known from China that Wu Lei had also become infected.


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