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With a sales goal of 5.17 billion pesos, the Government confirmed that on November 21, the third day of the month will be held in Colombia. day without VAT, a scheme approved in the economic growth law (Law 2010 of 2019) that contemplates that each year there will be three days of this type in the country, as indicated by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian).

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The measure is combined on this occasion with the advance payment of the December premium that was authorized for some 1.2 million public employees and to which the Éxito Group has already joined, with the advance payment to 35,000 workers.

If the goal is achieved, there would be a 10% increase in sales compared to the first two days, although the president of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal, said that the expectation of the commerce sector is between 6 and 7 billion pesos, since in This day there will be no restrictions, such as the ‘pico y cédula’, which were applied in Bogotá and Bucaramanga, mainly, in previous days without VAT.

These are the keys for the third day without VAT, on November 21.

How can appliances and cell phones be purchased?

The Minister of Commerce, José Manuel Restrepo, indicated that the day will be very similar to the second day without VAT, seeking to avoid crowds, and therefore face-to-face sales will be allowed in some sectors, while the acquisition of electrical appliances, technology and communication equipment will only be done electronically, that is, buying online.

What are the requirements for purchases?

People may not buy more than three (3) units of the same product, and only merchants with legally established establishments may apply the discount.

The only accepted form of payment will be electronic, which means that only debit, credit or prepaid cards and other electronic payment mechanisms will be accepted.

The seller will have to issue an electronic invoice on a mandatory basis and Dian may apply a general anti-abuse rule in the event that prices are manipulated.

What products are included and for what maximum value?

Home appliances, communication equipment, skateboards and bicycles

Its sale price per unit must be equal to or less than $ 2,848,560
for 2020, equivalent to 80 Units of Tax Value, not including sales tax (VAT).

In 2020, according to Dian, the Tax Value Unit (UVT) is equivalent to 35,607 pesos.

Among these types of products are:

– TVs
– Speakers for domestic use
– Tablets
– Refrigerators
– Freezers
– Electric dishwasher
– Household washing and drying machines
– Floor polishers
– Electric waste disposers
– Electrical appliances to prepare and process food
– Electric razors
– Electric toothbrushes and other electric personal care items
– Electric water heaters
– Electric dryers
– Electric irons
– Space heaters and fans for domestic use
– Air conditioners
– Electric furnaces
– Microwave ovens
– Cooking plates
– Toasters
– Coffee makers or electric kettles
– Electric heating elements
– Bicycles and mechanical and electric scooters.
– Computers and cell phones
– Agricultural inputs

Toys and games

Its sale price per unit must be equal to or less than $ 356,070 (10 UVT), not including VAT.

Does not include: adult bicycles and tricycles, party and carnival items, recreational items, computer software and softwares, but yes:

– Dolls and dolls that represent a character
– Toy animals
– Stuffed and rag dolls
– Toy musical instruments
– Playing cards
– Board games
– Electronic games and video games
– Electric trains
– Building sets
– Toys with wheels designed to be used as vehicles
– Puzzle
– Marbles

Sports elements

Its sale price per unit must be equal to or less than 80 UVT, not including VAT.

The products are:

– Rubber balls
– Balls, balls
– Rackets
– Bates
– Small
– Swimming goggles
– Specialized shoes for sports
– Neoprene suits
– Fins
– Lifeguard
– Helmets
– Hand, elbow and shin protectors.

Locker room

Its sale price per unit must be equal to or less than $ 712,140 for 2020 (20 UVT), not including VAT.

It deals with clothing of all kinds, that is, any piece of clothing or footwear, but does not include raw materials, such as fabrics, among others.

Wardrobe accessories

Its sale price per unit must be equal to or less than $ 712,140 (20 UVT), not including VAT.

– Backpacks
– Briefcases
– Handbags
– Wallets
– Sunglasses
– Umbrella
– Scarves
– Jewelry

School Supplies

– Notebooks
– Books
– School Texts
Software educational
– Pencils
– Balls
– Bookmarks
– Drafts
– Pencil sharpeners
– Correctors
– Clay
– Pegantes
– Scissors
– Items necessary for pedagogical activities

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