Vatican scandal, now the papers arrive from Lugano

The decision can break the deadlock: the Federal Court of Switzerland has granted the Vatican to access Enrico Crasso’s bank documents. This, at least, is what we learn in these hours. Pope Francis is fighting a battle for internal transparency. Bergoglio, when this story related to the management of the funds of the secretariat of state emerged, he appeared proud: the Jesuit said that the “pot” was “uncovered” from the inside. No journalistic or investigative help from external factors, so great satisfaction in Santa Marta and among the sacred palaces. But the feeling is that the Holy See continues to investigate. And this Swiss bank card is another procedural piece that can be added to the puzzle.

The ratio it seems to go to the bottom of financial transactions at the center of a scandal that remains alleged. According to what was retraced by theHuffington Post, the ok came after a first refusal by the “fiduciary”, that is Az Swiss and Partners. The story that for simplification has been defined as that of the “London palace” is really complex. It is actually a magnifying glass of the so-called “pm of Bergoglio” concerning some funds managed by secretariat of state. The first South American pontiff in history, a few days ago, opted for another move: that managerial faculty – the one that belonged to the “foreign ministry” was transferred to Aspa, that is, to the Administration of the patrimony of the Apostolic See. Instead, the Secretariat for the Economy, the department headed by Australian Cardinal George Pell, will take care of it. Dad do you no longer trust the trend and are you picking up the design that the Australian cardinal had in mind for transparency? One of the readings in the field. More generally: there is an air of overall reform from the parts of the Leonine walls. And perhaps it is also for this reason that the C9, the restricted council of cardinals, is taking so long for the presentation of the new Apostolic Constitution, which will modify the internal balance.

As pointed out by the aforementioned source, now all documents requested will enter the disposition of the Holy See. It would not seem that it was easy to get them. And this is why Az Swiss and Partners she seemed intent on forwarding some papers, not all. Then came the ruling of the Swiss Federal Court. The Vatican had specified its reasons through the letter rogatory, which was repeated in the sentence: “It seems inexplicable that, in the face of liquidity available at bank M. for over 450 million euros and pledged to the bank, the Secretariat of State made use of a loan …”. It’s still: “After providing the details of the three phases listed above ,,, ‘notary authority – we read in the sentence – affirms that “at the state of the investigations, the damage caused to the assets of the Secretariat of State due to the distracting conduct described above, is of a considerable amount (currently quantifiable in no less than 300 million euros) …” Will light finally be shed on the vicissutidini that have accompanied the Vatican chronicles in recent months?

In short, while in the Vatican we are preparing for the Christmas celebrations, something is moving. And the direction, once again, is that given by the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, who wants to normalize the situation of the management of internal accounts, in the wake of the line pursued by his predecessor. The Pope had been able to emphasize the theme of “corruption”, without referring to specific events, when was interviewedor fromAdnkronos: “Here – declared the Holy Father on that occasion – , I did nothing but take up the witness of Pope Benedict, I continued his work “. Where “his” refers to the action of Benedict XVI, who after the renunciation of the throne of Peter also bequeathed to his successor a box that presumably contains the results of the battle for transparency of Ratzinger’s memory and beyond.

Obtaining the Lugano papers can thus be compared to a general and renewed attitude on the part of the Holy See. A phase that the backstories do not find it difficult to define “delicate”. If only because in the Vatican more than one piece seems to be moving towards the desired internal reform.

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