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Velvet – Randi – Adam Solti confessed to cheating on his wife and girlfriend.

He made a shocking confession Adam Solti. A Among friends former actor who rhe may have had a very difficult time behind him, a dramatic secret revealed: he turned out to have an almost two-year-old son who was not born to his wife, Bernadett.

Solti at the time it appeared in 2010 X-Factor in a talent show called, he entered into a closer relationship with one of his fans. He only met his current wife, Bernit, later, but his relationship with the fan continued. The singer-actor was the first to tell Blikk about it; he put it this way, lying to his wife for years to protect her. Divorce also turns in its head, just so they don’t hurt.

There were ups and downs in our relationship with my wife, and I chose the loosest, worst thing I had left. The woman knew I was married, I didn’t promise to leave Bernit, she knew exactly, she was a lover, and no matter how awful it sounded, I just needed to feel good for a few hours a year. The shock came when she announced in 2020 she was pregnant with me and holding the baby. I didn’t want to believe it. Initially, I begged her not to hold her, as I do not want this child, but it is still the woman’s decision. His body, his will, I had no legal opportunity to be a father. All this with my wife for years we are fighting for a babythat should not happen

La Glancethe actor whose ex-girlfriend crosses a border. She begs the baby in vain and holds the baby.

I never hurt you, but I admit I threatened to do it. I cut ugly things in his head, I’m not proud of it, but in the heat of the moment, things get angry, disgusting slip out. Here’s the big secret: I have a lover, I’m pregnant and I’m going to be a father so I don’t want a child of this woman, I don’t like her and I can’t do anything.

Solti explained, who was in a flood of lies as a result. He was afraid the woman would guess, and though he was ashamed, he also confessed in the paper that he had escaped from alcohol. He also asked his father for help, but the man stood by her and kept in touch with her regularly. Solti does not even talk to his wife about what happened when the baby was born.

I was sick. I didn’t even tell my wife even then, I just didn’t want it all. Both my father and wife were nearly terrorized, depressed to meet my child, and I went inside. I’ve only seen it a few times a year and a half. Once, even my father, wife, and toddler came here to our family home. Berni was not at my house, I did not want the neighbors to see them, so they entered. Then the woman put my son in my arms, and even though I asked her not to take pictures, she made a video, and I’m sure if I hadn’t come up with this story, she would have done it. and use my pictures. taken then and earlier

The actor told Berni, whose secret Bernni learned by accident last May. The girl was shocked by the thing, they moved separately for a few weeks. Although Solti did not believe his wife could forgive him, Berni was able to get over things and give the actor another chance. Solti says they broke up, but now their relationship is stronger than ever.

I know a toddler can’t do anything. Sure, this is troubling many of my sisters now, but I have forgiven Adam, everyone can make mistakes in life, but my husband deserved to give me a second chance. We have opened a new chapter in our lives that the boy can be a part of too. I am open to meeting my husband’s son to be with us when he gets so big that he can come without his mother. We were all hurt by what happened, but I mourn the child more, because we see that the most important thing for his mother is not his happiness, his balanced life, but the struggle against me and us.

Explain to Berni, who and her husband Honey, give me your life! will also appear in the celebrity duel.

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Blikk also writes that Solti and his lawyer turned into a lawyer because of his ex-girlfriend. In addition to wanting to resolve the child’s family situation, that is, who the father was, the woman wanted the wildest thing. She asked for a DNA test, but Solti said her goal was to destroy her marriage. Solti also offered to set aside a certain amount each month and access it as soon as the boy was an adult. The actor would not even have a son with him, but only when he no longer needed his mother to do so. He is sure that his ex-girlfriend will continue until he gets attention. They are also telling their story now because it leaves no other choice.

(Cover image: Ádám Solti and Berni Solti. Photo: RTL KLub / Zoltán Sárosi)

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