Venezuelan great-aunt of Carlo Acutis: As a child he kicked if they did not let him enter the church

The young Carlo Acutis, beatified on October 10 and who could become the first “millennial” saint, for his social work and use of the Catholic tradition through new technologies, he has a Venezuelan family.

His grandparents met in Caracas, as he revealed Pink Nib, great-aunt of the so-called “influencer of God”, this was announced in an interview for the news portal Aleteia.

Rosa remembered that Carlo was crying to enter the Church. He kicked if they didn’t let him. Within their memory is also the last time they visited Italy, but they did not see it again, because it was on a trip to London.

Photo Courtesy of Aletelia

Pennino explained that the grandfather of acute came to Venezuela during World War II, here he met Luana, Rosa Penillo’s sister, and they formed a home. In that home was born Antonella, who married Acute Charlotte, father of blessed jean dress and sweatshirt.

For the Venezuelan, learning about Carlo Acutis’ illness was impressive: when he was diagnosed with cancer, it was a very strong blow for the whole family. I have a son close to his age and he bears an impressive resemblance to Carlo. So the news was even more shocking.

Pennino assured that Carlo brought his people closer to God and their religion. Also, that with this wonderful event. if they have a blessed in the family, they will surely be blessed.

With information from Aleteia.

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