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Venezuelan law enforcement agencies prevented an attempt to land militants from Colombia in the northern zone of the country. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Nestor Reverol. His appeal posted on the department’s Twitter page.

“On the morning of May 3, an attempt was made to prevent a sea invasion by a group of Colombian terrorist mercenaries who were planning to carry out terrorist acts in the country, kill the government leaders, and bring chaos among the people and organize a coup,” Reverol said.

According to him, speedboat militants planned to launch an attack on the coast of La Guaira. The attack was averted thanks to the operational response of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Special Forces. As a result, several mercenaries were killed during the clashes, several more people were captured.

In connection with the incident, the country’s armed forces were put on alert, the Ministry of Defense of the Bolivarian Republic reported. The ministry confirmed the military’s readiness to immediately respond to any threats, as well as guarantee the sovereignty and independence of the state.

Maduro called the president of Colombia an enemy of Venezuela

In turn, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected Venezuela’s allegations of involvement in an attempted naval invasion of the country. Diplomats called the charges “unfounded” and noted that they were aimed at involving the Colombian government in a “speculative conspiracy.” According to them, in this way the Venezuelan authorities want to divert attention from the real problems in the country. By them, diplomats understand the internal crisis.

“We urge the international community to reject such allegations,” the ministry said.

In early April, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the mobilization of artillery to defend the country. Then he declared that armed groups financed by the USA and Colombia want to take advantage of the situation with the coronavirus epidemic and “carry out terrorist acts and a coup d’etat.”


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