Venezuelan prosecutor intends to accuse detained US citizens of terrorism

Venezuelan prosecutors intend to bring charges against terrorism and arms smuggling to two U.S. citizens detained after an unsuccessful attempt to invade the country on May 3. US authorities deny their involvement in the incident.

“Detained Americans will be charged with terrorism, conspiracy, and arms trafficking. All these crimes were committed against the Venezuelan state, ”said Attorney General Tarek William Saab (quoted by RIA Novosti). In total, as a result of the invasion of the militants, 31 people were detained. In addition to terrorism, Venezuelan citizens are charged with conspiracy with a foreign government, treason and rebellion.

Earlier, Venezuelan authorities said they had prevented the invasion of militants on speedboats from Colombia. Two of the detainees, Luke Denman and Aaron Berry, are US citizens. President Nicolas Maduro has stated that they are members of President Donald Trump’s security service. During the interrogation, one of the detained Americans reported that the group’s plan was to seize the airport in Caracas and hold it until President Maduro was taken to the United States. Washington denies any involvement in these events. Today, Mr. Trump said that he would not hide the preparations for a military operation in Venezuela if he really planned it.

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