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Venice Historical Regatta, the flagship “Bissona” – Veneto ready

VENICE – The “Bissona Serenissima”, flagship of the boats of the Municipality of Venice, is ready to open the water procession of the Historical Regatta, the appointment scheduled for Sunday 6 September. At the Arsenale of Venice, in the Galeazze canal, the presentation took place after the completion of the restoration and renovation of the boat, twenty meters long, with a keel bottom, moved by 18 rowers. The works, which began on January 27, ended on August 27, despite the interruption caused by Covid-19.

Made between 1956 and 1958 by the shipwright ‘Nino’ ​​Giuponi with oak, acacia, larch, pine, elm wood, decorated with sculptural elements and gilded wooden ornaments, the Bissona had long needed a recovery intervention that guaranteed its structural integrity and buoyancy, especially for the safety of the crew and guests.

After the restoration in 2008, when the boat was sunk and considered completely lost, the “Serenissima” had had only a few minor maintenance interventions in recent years and was used, for the time strictly necessary, only at the ceremonies of the “Sensa” ( the Ascension, for the Marriage of the sea of ​​Venice) and the Historica.

The restoration work began after obtaining the approval of the project from the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence for the Municipality of Venice and the Lagoon, as the Bissona has been recognized as a “movable asset of cultural interest”. The hull was refurbished by a shipyard specializing in historic boats, identified by the in-house company Insula Spa; the ornaments and wooden sculptures were instead handled by a restorer registered in the national register of the Mibact.


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