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Vera Brezhneva admitted that she paid little attention to the education of her eldest daughter

20:07, 05/11/2020

When Sonya grew up, the singer often was not near her.

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Vera Brezhneva said that it was not easy for her to educate her daughters. All due to the fact that during their growing up she was often on tour. At the same time, Vera tried to allocate time in the schedule for the children. Now she is trying to catch up and within the framework of the isolation regime has become even closer to her daughters.

The actress said that on her everything that happens in the world speaks positively. For example, self-isolation had a beneficial effect on relationships in her family. The star prepares breakfast for relatives, takes lessons with her youngest daughter and goes for a walk with her. Despite the fact that her oldest child lives in America, and there is a different time zone, Vera regularly talks with Sonia for several hours and shares news with her.

Vera Brezhneva admitted that she paid little attention to the education of her eldest daughter

Brezhneva emphasized that at that moment when the eldest daughter was just a child, she could not devote so much time to education and communication with her. Then Brezhneva had a very busy schedule, but she tried to engage in raising her daughter even remotely. “We set an example for our children, but life doesn’t always work out well. For the youngest daughter, the imitation mode works more. And Sonya, when she was growing up, saw me little in order to learn something from me. Now we communicate by video from an hour or more, ”Vera said.

In addition, she emphasized that for a long time he tried to instill in Sonya a healthy lifestyle, but the girl, once in the USA, was not immediately able to refuse junk food. “In America it’s difficult to eat right, fast food prevails there. Sonya fell into this whirlpool when she moved four years ago. But now she says that I was right, ”the singer shared.

Vera noted that the youngest daughter Sarah also loves junk food, like her husband Konstantin Meladze. “I do not buy harmful products home. Sometimes my husband and Sarah secretly buy from me, but their stocks are not enough for a long time. But I will not tell the adult man what he has. True, I always offer Kostya a choice and try to make healthier food for him, ”Brezhneva admitted.

Vera with Konstantin Meladze and daughter Sara

She also told that she is sympathetic to the pranks of her household. For her, the most important thing is that her children do not need anything and always be happy. She prefers that daughters do not live in the situation in which she once was. “When you have nothing to eat at home, this is the best motivation to move forward. I want my children to live better than I did, ”the singer emphasized in a conversation with Vogue Rossia. In addition, she remembered how difficult her life as a child was. Her mother raised four children, and there was little money. That is why Vera herself prefers to use all the money earned for the benefit of loved ones. First of all, she helps mom.

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