Verstappen threatens Formula 1 in Spain


The times of the Formula 1 begin to adjust to the script exposed in ABC a week ago. Unfortunately for Barcelona and Spain, the road map confirms one of the negative expectations that hover over Formula 1 in our country. Liberty, the owner of Formula 1, has officially ratified that the Zandvoort circuit will return to the calendar in 2020. This means that the threat extends over the Spanish Grand Prix, which could have celebrated its last race in Montmeló last Sunday. .

"Since the beginning of our mandate in Formula 1, we said that we wanted races in new places, but we also respect the historical roots of sport in Europe," the head of the highest category of the motor, Chase Carey, commented in a statement. The coastal zone of Zandvoort has been filled with hotel reservations in internet search engines for the second week of May 2020, just the location that the Grand Prix of Spain on the Montmeló track has had during the last decade. .

The rage that has generated Max Verstappen in Formula 1 has been reflected in this announcement favorable to the interests of his country. Zandvoort returns to the World Cup, sponsored by a powerful sponsor, Heineken, who had a great presence in the Montmeló paddock last weekend. In addition to this important financial support, a large colony of Dutch fans gathered in the stands of the Catalan circuit and the presence of Dutch journalists in the press room grew singularly. The same effect as in Spain caused the emergence of Fernando Alonso is now spreading in the Netherlands.

Verstappen effect

The participation of Zandvoort has been signed in an agreement between Formula 1 and the Dutch Grand Prix, an association formed by SportVibes, TIG Sports and the Circuit de Zandvoort. The agreement is for three years and the Heineken brewery will be the sponsor of the race.

Located on the shores of the North Sea, about twenty kilometers west of Amsterdam, the circuit meanders between the dunes of the beach. The humidity, the wind and the presence of sand on the track make it a very specific circuit where the Verstappen contest with Red Bull will be the key seasoning. «A Grand Prix in Holland, with the popularity of Verstappen, will be immense. I think that is positive for Formula 1, "reasoned the head of Red Bull, Christian Horner.

It is the third agreement that closes Liberty for 2020 with respect to the lines under discussion. In Vietnam there will be a race for the urban circuit of Hanoi. Monza endorsed a few days ago that has reached a renewal agreement and no longer expected problems with Silverstone, the birthplace of F1. There are Germany (Hockenheim), Mexico (DF) and Spain (Barcelona). In the world already discarded to Germany for multiple reasons. Chasey Carey said in Montmeló that two races will not continue on the calendar. There remains, therefore, a place in the descent: Mexico or Spain.

The directors of the circuit of Montmeló insisted to ABC that they do not give for lost the great prize and that the negotiation between Quim Torra, the president of the Generalitat, and Chase Carey is still open. . (tagsToTranslate) holland (t) montmelo


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