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Verstappen will surely think of shooting down Hamilton, says the King

The popular co-commentator of F1 TV broadcasts in the new podcast Sport.cz, which deals with events in the world of motorsport, also speaks openly about what “sinful” thoughts are undoubtedly creeping into Maxi Verstappen’s head. higher number of victories to him, which could go against him.

“Being in Max’s skin, I can think of that. I’ll tell you if I don’t overtake Lewis in the first corner, I’ll probably lose the championship. And even if there is a controversial accident, much of the formula company will defend Max because everyone wants change after years of dominance. Of course, it’s not about firing Lewis from behind, but accidents can be done and you know how to hit the car and where to make the competitor spin, “describes the King.

And he admits that the Verstappen has a shifted threshold of fear. That he often goes beyond the edge, however, unlike the competition, this style works for him. And he can outsmart his opponents. By the way, this is only the second time in history that two riders have the same number of points before the last race of the season. This happened for the first time in 1974, and the Fittipaldi-Regazzoni duel eventually resulted in the victory of the popular Brazilian in the Czech Republic.

King has been in motorsport for a quarter of a century, himself in Abu Dhabi 11 years ago, he also tested the F1 monopost and successfully worked in the GP2 series, a former F1 junior. And so, in an interview, it draws you to the backstage of Formula 1. You will learn how Mercedes developed the supermotor, which it deployed at the end of the season, and it will answer why only Lewis Hamilton has it, not even his partner Valterri Bottas. And how many people are involved in strategy in each race behind the scenes.

Finally, he adds a hilarious story to Kim Räikkönen, in whose team the King once raced and who will now say goodbye to his rich career in Abu Dhabi.

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