Vertigo, Mané and the key to the right (Natàlia Arroyo)


Liverpool is a team that moves to the dizzying pace of its technician, a Jürgen Klopp who has built an eleven versatile, deep and fearful enough to feel the strongest in all competitions. The Premier is making champion numbers, but has come across a stubborn City, clinging regularly to raise the title. And the Champions seems to be their ideal competition, sensitive to the most slippery and penalizing dynamics of those who fear him. It is not easy not to have it, in this Liverpool, especially with the return to Anfield.

In the face of doubt, direct game

In many contexts, Liverpool wants to take on the weight of the game. Circulate the ball, wait to position itself and prepare the most beneficial action with a point of apparent tranquility. It is Van Dijk who, from a very centered location, looks for the complicity of a third party to progress, either the low side or one of the midfielders coming to attract.

But it does not always have the scenario controlled. Against aggressive high pressures, he suffers. El Porto knocked him down and made him shudder.

In the face of doubt, however, they have a resource that is turned on the occasion: they play live and run their beasts on top. They do it, in addition, after having attracted half rival equipment and attack it cracked, half undone. They accumulate so many people that usually control well the second plays. Barça will want to hurt him above all.

The elevator Mané

The season of Sadio Mané is being spectacular. The left edge of Liverpool is the most in-form attacker and who has more responsibilities. Released Salah and Firmino in the majority of defensive tasks, prevented for the offensive transition, he runs the band pursuing the rival side, if he raises. If necessary, it fuses with defensive line backward, a tendency that could inspire Valverde to align Sergi Roberto, to demand more on the way down.

The problem is that, if the adversary fails in his attack, he starts to run and breaks into the counterattack with a speed that is difficult to control.

Piqué will have to pay close attention to the coverage, especially when Firmino starts some poisoning.

Two invitations for Messi

If it feels good, Liverpool prefers to push up. He tends to do it with one of the ends jumping over the rival central and who most does it is Mané.

This gesture releases the rival right wing, who does not arrive in time to pressure Keita or Robertson, a situation that again benefits Sergi Roberto in the equation for a place at eleven. The reusenc, with Rakitic, is one of the main ways to get to Messi and move forward comfortably.

Liverpool's instinct pushing often leads him to heights that expose him behind and if Barça finds Messi in sporadic situations, ready to climb the resting wall that is Fabinho, Barca attack can be promising. The other advantage for Messi can be the activation of the left lane, perhaps the weakest defensive area of ​​Liverpool due to the little involvement of Salah, whom Jordi Alba can sweat if he dares to face him.



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