Vice Chancellor’s KSU-Youth Congress workers blocked : Nattu Visesham

Vice Chancellor’s KSU-Youth Congress workers blocked

Saturday, September 11, 2021 12:54 PM IS

Kannur: Controversial syllabus involving Sangh War leaders University of Kannur Vice Chancellor Prof. Gopinath Vindran through KSU Youth Congress workers തഞ്ഞു. The Vice-Chancellor arrived at the university this morning. The road was blocked. Prof. Following the protest against Gopinath Veendra, he was in the car for half an hour. Ricky had to.
He later announced that he was ready to negotiate. Allowed to go to Nsala’s office.
He was followed by Rigil Makutty, Sudeep Gyms and P. Muhammed Drisha. Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Syndicate with MMS Members discuss and learn about the subject and submit a report. Take action within five days of appointing a special committee. Make sure you do not overdo it and do not teach contentious issues. Was in.

State Vice President of the Youth Congress State Regiment Makutti Inaugurated. District President Sudeep Jim presided.
KSU Jilla President P. Muhammed Dishmas, State Officers Yasandeep Pana Puja, VK Atul, Regin Raj, District Leaders V. Rahul, Prinil Mathukot, P. E. Imran, Farhan Munderi, Ansilwa In Zappally, Adarsh ​​Mangatti, Niket Nath, Muhassin Keezhathalli, Hari Krishnan Palt, Ashit Ashokan, Akash Bhaskar, Ujjwal Pavithran, Ra Hibma Mata Yi, M.C. Atul spoke on the occasion.


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