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Vicky Larraz, permanently expelled from ‘Survivors’

It is clear that TV also suffers from the coronavirus blow. And even in Telecinco’s big bet, ‘Survivors’, it shows. Yesterday was a somewhat decaffeinated gala: much shorter than usual, without an audience and with very few collaborators, something essential to maintain regulatory distances. There don’t seem to be any major plots either, except for a few anger inflated by screenplay needs. What if a supposed plot against Barranco uncovered by José Antonio Avilés (the soul of this edition that provides the content that almost all the others hide), what if daring crabs that penetrate the ‘bedroom’ of the adventurers … In short, little that tell.

From the beginning Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to give explanations. First of all, about his appearance. “For security reasons we have neither makeup nor hairdressing, this is what there is, we have to get used to it,” warned the communicator. And with his usual sense of humor he added: «I could comb my hair, but I am very lazy. To do it wrong and look like a Picasso painting… ». Some of his collaborators gave him lessons so that he could beautify himself in the future.

There was expulsion, of course. The first exiled was Ivana Icardi, leaving his beloved Hugo Sierra heartbroken. The sentence was short-lived because minutes later he was deported. The two met again at Playa Desvalida and kissed as if there was no tomorrow. Yiya, Antonio Pavón, Vicky Larraz and Ana María Aldón welcomed the couple and explained that the life of the shipwrecked person continues on that shore. Although not for everyone. The audience decided shortly after the singer from Olé Olé was expelled definitely. Larraz put his hands to his head and wept bitterly because his dream was to continue the adventure.

In the palapa, the nominations were to the face and very fast. Fani, Nyno, Cristian and Ferre are the four contestants who will face the decision of the respectable. Avilés won the leader game and became the new god of the island, and he surely knows how to take advantage of the position to continue putting up tares. And little more gave of himself one night that Jorge Javier wanted to close with humor: “I never thought I was going to say this, there are more people on Playa Desvalida than on Gran Vía.”


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