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Victoria from undergraduate loses crazy money due to blocked Instagram account ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Curious

The most scandalous participant in the “Bachelor’s” – the Russian Victoria Kapitonova, lost thousands up a week in her planned budget. The reason is more than trivial – after hackers blocked her account on Instagram’s social platform, she can’t advertise products to pay her. These are amounts up to BGN 10,000 per week, said an expert in prices for the new virtual reality and hit profession of the century – an influencer in front of the website Media TV.

They say that one story, which is visible for only 24 hours, costs about BGN 1,000, or even more. For each photo / post the price varies from 3 to 8 000 – 10 000 BGN, depending on the brand, TV MEDIA has learned.

It’s no secret that after participating in the reality show, all participants become influenced – they advertise clothes, food supplements, cosmetics, perfumes, food, beauty salons, perfumes and more.

An inspection by TV MEDIA shows that the women who have already abandoned the show also make a living from it. The most active at the moment with the ads are Blagovesta Bonbonova (Joke, author’s note). Hypnotherapist Alexandra Gardeva, too, was followed by Denise Khairula, Veneta, Denitsa and Marta. The situation is similar to Viktor Stoyanov himself. Singles earn well as an influence on coffee, alcohol, costumes and more.

However, the preferred person for advertising is the bite kapitonova. He was involved in influencing even before he entered the Bachelor. Kapitonova was also known to the audience for her participation in the culinary show “Masterchef”, where she prepared healthy food for tone and energy.

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Ever since she appeared as the leader among the women in uniform, the agencies have literally flooded her with offers for advertising.

He has contracts with several companies. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The same is the fate of Denise Khairula. Her Instagram has also been hacked.

“Only evil and jealous people can do that!” You envy me because you are a successful person! Denise said yesterday.

Kapitonova has not yet appeared to comment on the case.



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