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Victoria's secret fashion show can not escape controversy as artist denounces "lack of inclusion"

The stories that preceded Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2018 broadcast Sunday night? Well, they probably did not rock the company.

Instead of people who focus on such prestigious models as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, or Adriana Lima's retreat, there were many points of reflection. More specifically, why is the annual lingerie parade problematic? if it fits into "an era of corporate consciousness"; how some viewers are boycotting the series; if the mark is "finished"; and more. According to the New York Times, Victoria's Secret is still the first lingerie brand in the country, but sales are down and its stock has recently fallen by 41%.

Ed Razek, marketing director at L Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret, has also been the subject of much criticism. In an interview with Vogue last month, Razek was asked if Victoria's Secret "felt the need to adapt to changing market conditions", with other brands featuring larger women or transgender women.

"If you ask us if we considered putting a transgender model in the show or if we had considered placing a plus size model in the show, we did," said Razek , noting that they had "invented the model plus size show". with Lane Bryant, although there was some interest in a bigger plus size TV show in 2000. He then added that he did not think the company should include trans models in the series: "No, I do not think we should Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy.It's a special 42-minute entertainment program.It's that it's . "

Razek it's excused later"My comment regarding the inclusion of transgender models in Victoria's Secret fashion show has been insensitive. I'm sorry. To be clear, we would absolutely use a transgender model for the show. And while the company was probably hoping that this would be the end of the controversy, it continued until Sunday 's show on ABC, when the Halsey artist criticized the comments of Razek. and "lack of inclusivity".

Devon Windsor walks the track as singer Halsey plays "Without Me". (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

Halsey sang "Without Me" and was one of the most vaunted musical acts of the event, which was recorded in New York on November 8th. Just when the show began airing on the East Coast at 10 pm, Halsey posted a statement to his 10.2 million Instagram subscribers and 9.8 million Twitter subscribersin which she (without naming names) denounced Razek's remarks.

"I love Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since I was young. Playing this year alongside other artists and models / hard-working friends was supposed to be the best night of my year. However, after filming the performance, some comments were made about the show that I simply can not ignore, "she wrote.

Halsey, who is bisexual, continued, "As a member of the LGBTQ + community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusion. Especially not a person motivated by a stereotype, "she wrote. "If you're on my page because you watched my performance tonight, let me focus on GLSEN: an organization that offers services to protect LGBTQ + youth. And as for the young people targeted by these comments in a world where they have been made to feel "other", I made a big donation in their honor. "

"If you're a trans person, reading this, and these comments made you feel alienated or invalidated, know that you have allies. We are in solidarity, "she concluded, concluding with a sharp reflection on the quote from Razek:" And complete and total acceptance is the only "fantasy" that I support. "

The televised special – which also included performances by Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Shawn Mendes, Struts, Chainsmokers and Kelsea Ballerini – did not evoke anything about the reaction. But in an introductory video, the brand has focused on the theme of "empowering women."

Models described Victoria's Secret as a "brotherhood" and "the importance of helping one another", as well as a "group of girls that motivates and inspires you".

And perhaps by criticizing the fact that Victoria's Secret aims to sell an image to men, a model added that the goal is "to be sexy for ourselves and for who we want to be, not because a man says you must be – this was never about it in the first place. "

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