Video: Berlin Panda babies opened their eyes for the first time


Look who's blinking: According to Zoo Berlin, the panda twins opened their eyes there for the first time. Six weeks after giving birth, the Panda offspring sees the light of day for the first time this week. What exactly the two little bears can perceive with their button eyes is difficult to judge according to the zoo. It is clear, however, that their eyesight will grow steadily in the coming days and weeks, until they will soon run purposefully, as animal keeper Corvin Schmohl explains: O-Ton: "Here we have our so-called firstborn, who is currently so around the 100 grams more than the second-born, and you can already see that the eyes are already a bit open.Now they are just going back in. But every now and then you can see very nicely that both sides are already open, so just right. In the development between the 40th and the 60th day, they usually open, and so ours are really very well on schedule. " The zoo said that, thanks to the mother of Meng Meng's nutritious milk, both cubs now weigh around 2 kilograms and are now about 30 cm long. According to the zoo, the only big pandas in Germany are living in Berlin since the summer of 2017 with their parents. And the two little ones are the first Great Pandas that were born in this country.

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