VIDEO. Disfigured by cancer in the left eye, she finds her face thanks to science

Science has a sense of detail. Prisca was diagnosed with cancer of the eye, a tumor that took away part of her face. Disfigured, she thought she could never find her physique before but the doctors proved him the opposite. They designed him an epithesis, a prosthesis that follows the forms of the face and that formally reproduces the missing region. In a laboratory, everything is reconstituted artificially so that the patient can leave her home without worrying about the passers-by.

For two months, sculptors and colorists joined forces to develop the device from Prisca's face. Little by little, she discerns finally her skin, her eyebrow, her eyelid and her eye that have been modeled and painted on silicone. The girl can not hide her emotion in front of the mirror, she finally found the face that had destroyed the tumor. "It's above what I expected"she is moved.

The report "New face, new life" is to be seen in full in the program Envoyé Spécial this Thursday, May 16 broadcast at 9:10 pm on France 2.

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