VIDEO: Faculty director Havlík about changes in the hospital due to the covid

According to Roman Havlík, director of the Olomouc University Hospital, 205 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized in the Olomouc Region on Friday, 37 of whom require intensive care.

“Of this number, 39 patients are now hospitalized in our hospital on Friday morning, 12 of them in the intensive care unit,” said director Havlík, who is also the regional coordinator of covid intensive care, on a video published on the hospital’s website.

The University Hospital has four standard covid units with a total capacity of 60 beds set aside for these patients. Two units are available for intensive care, for a total of 18 intensive care units.

“On Monday, we will move orthopedic patients to traumatology and patients from the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic to the ENT. This will provide two orthopedic stations with 50 beds and an inpatient unit for the clinic of the mouth and maxillofacial surgery, almost 20 beds for covid patients. Then we gradually empty one floor on II. Internal clinic, two units for standard care, ie another 50 beds, and thus we will gradually have up to 200 standard beds ready for covid positive patients, “he explained what the next plan is.

Director of the Olomouc University Hospital Roman Havlík on the current COVID situation

Source: Youtube

Essential: have enough staff

The Olomouc University Hospital already has a clear procedure for the preparation of additional intensive care beds for covid patients, for which it will prepare an entire floor, where the anesthesia and resuscitation clinic, an intensive care unit for cardiac surgery will be located.

“At the same time, we will start preparing another 10 beds for intensive care at the rehabilitation department; the intensive care of the 1st surgical clinic is still in reserve. With these steps, we will create a total of up to 200 standard and over 50 intensive beds, “explained the director.

According to Havlík, the hospital cannot allow anyone to receive positive patients. At the same time, however, they must have sufficient staff to take care of them and maintain acute care in all fields.

According to Professor Havlík, the most critical areas will be ventilated and intensive care beds. All remaining intensive care beds throughout the hospital will be used to the maximum to cover no-night care.

“Most importantly, however, there will be enough qualified paramedics for all these beds,” the director emphasized, noting that the Olomouc University Hospital currently has 152 employees in isolation, ie covid.

Limitation of operations to acute cases

In the next week, the operation of operating theaters will be limited to acute and urgent operations only.

According to the director, staff who will not be necessary for the provision of acute care will be trained and transferred to the newly emerging teams to open covid units.

At the same time, according to him, the hospital will consider, for example, other capacities that would be opened after the current ones are filled.

“The transformation of our hospital will therefore gradually affect all workplaces and almost every employee. I have no worries that we will not be able to do this, “Havlík concluded.

Within the Czech Republic, it is planned to set aside 10,000 beds, which would result in approximately 630 beds for covid patients for the Olomouc Region. Up to half would be at the Olomouc University Hospital.

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