Video games: Sony and Microsoft join forces to weigh in the battle of streaming

The future of the video game passes (in part) by the dematerialized. Sony and Microsoft, who compete in the console industry with their PlayStation and Xbox ranges, announced Thursday an agreement in the field of streaming games.

This announcement comes as Google unveiled in March, the upcoming arrival of Stadia, which is precisely a streaming game platform, that is to say without the need for players to own the game in physics or download it. The game only takes place on servers, access to which is made possible by an internet connection and a subscription to the service. This is the principle of "cloud", the game in the "cloud" computer according to the literal English translation. The principle is the same as for Netflix in the video and Spotify in the music.

In late February, Microsoft already, and Nintendo also announced a partnership. It could quickly result in Nintendo players being able to, for example, play games on Microsoft productions through the cloud.

PlayStation Now, semiconductors and artificial intelligence

On Thursday, the Japanese Sony and the American Microsoft, decided to "study joint developments to support their services of games and streaming content", all based on Microsoft's Azure platform.

Kenichiro Yoshida and Satya Nadella, the presidents of Sony and Microsoft, as they formalize their agreement.REUTERS

For Sony, the agreement, which focuses on network infrastructure, could develop its platform PlayStation Now. It offers to play streaming games from the catalog of consoles PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

In the agreement, there is also talk of a possible collaboration in the development of semiconductors and technologies called artificial intelligence (AI). Sony's feedback on semiconductors could be useful to Microsoft, allowing each company to benefit from this agreement.

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