VIDEO Lionel Messi | Physical trainer from Bolivia revealed details of the fight with Leo in La Paz: “My son is called Lionel for him” | Argentina

During the last day of the South American Qualifiers Qatar 2022, Argentina achieved an important victory against Bolivia in the height of La Paz, where he did not win 15 years ago, and had the presence of his captain in the field Lionel Messi, who caused the attention of many for what happened after the end of engagement.

The forward had to be content because starred in a crossing with one of the members of the technical command of the local team. According to the images of the international signal, after an exchange of words, Messi was told something that caused him to respond with a “What’s wrong?”

That character is Lucas Nava, physical trainer of Bolivia in the coaching staff of César Farías. The incident went around the football world since this reaction is not usual in ‘Leo’. Therefore, Nava explained what happened on the Hernando Siles court.

“The game ended, I saw that a fight was taking place and I simply wanted to separate to avoid any kind of expulsion. At that moment, it seems that there was a misunderstanding, but they are things that happen in the field”, he detailed.

Messi accused Nava, according to the images, of insulting him during the match. Due to this situation, the physical trainer indicated that he received threats.

“I received insults and threats for what happened with Messi. It hurt that my children heard how they talked about me, I think everything got bigger than it really was.” detailed.

Lucas Nava is Argentine and revealed that things with the star of Barcelona They went out of context, he also told a personal situation related to the athlete.

“I grew up while watching Messi play, he is the greatest thing there is. I admire him so much that my youngest son is named Lionel for him”, He said.


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