(Video) Man accidentally recorded a murder in Cali

In the Saavedra Galindo neighborhood, in the city of Cali, a brutal murder was recorded in broad daylight.

A driver, who was registering the traffic jam, inadvertently recorded the moment when a citizen’s life was taken in confusing events.

According to the newspaper El País, the event was recorded in the vehicular bridge from Carrera 15 with Calle 25.

In social networks circulates the video of the moment in which a group of people run off, trying to escape on bikes and motorcycles.

For its part, the Metropolitan Police of Cali confirmed the death of a man by two shots to the head.


Another person was also injured at the site, who was transferred to the Primitivo Iglesias hospital.

This is the video of the citizen that circulates on social networks, because shows the exact moment in which the possible culprits flee the place.


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