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Video of ” dung beetle hunt ” in the municipal building becomes a net hit

Vienna. Almost 500,000 Viennese live in community buildings. The rules of the house rules apply to all tenants so that living together is as smooth as possible. Basically, working together works very well, but many tenants repeatedly mention three disruptive points: too much noise, illegally deposited garbage and the obstruction of public hallways by private objects.

“For good coexistence, everyone has to abide by the rules. Wiener Wohnen will therefore work even harder in the future to ensure strict compliance with the house rules. With very specific measures such as garbage and noise plan squares, but also low-threshold and with humor and tongue-in-cheek “, said Housing Councilor Kathrin Gaál.

Wiener Wohnen this year will bring back the house rules with a wide variety of activities even more strongly and draw particular attention to the three points mentioned.

In the context of grid squares in the municipal building, controls are also increasingly carried out by the regulatory advisory service of Wiener Wohnen and educational work is carried out together with the MA 48 and the Grätzl police. For example, adults are informed about correct waste separation, for children this task is performed by “Sigi Sauber”, one of the cartoon characters from the new Wiener Wohnen campaign. In addition, free garbage bags with imprints will be distributed, which should point out the garbage problem.

Entertaining and entertaining commercials should also playfully anchor the house rules in the consciousness of the residents. In a total of four different spots, Alex Scheurer, one of the former ORF “real fat” actors and now employee of Wiener Wohnen, was on the road with a hidden camera in the municipal building and had “illegal” objects destroyed and warned of garbage sinners.

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