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Video: Poland makes borders tight

The Polish-German border on Saturday east of Heringsdorf. Poland will soon close the Scots here too. The government in Warsaw announced on Friday evening that all non-Poland would be refused entry. All returnees with a Polish passport should go to quarantine for 14 days. Already on Saturday, immigrants were examined for symptoms of the coronavirus. The measures are intended to slow down the course of the pandemic, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. All shopping centers in Poland are also to be closed. Only grocery stores, pharmacies and some service companies should remain open. Shops outside of shopping centers are not affected. Aviation is also affected by the restriction on freedom of travel. A spokeswoman for Gdansk Airport: “We know that from midnight onwards, all international flights will be canceled. No flights will go from Gdansk and only the machines based at Gdansk Airport may land.” The upcoming presidential election in May is also in question. A shift cannot currently be ruled out, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. So far, the authorities in Poland have reported around 70 infections and one fatality.

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