VIDEO: Portal with traffic lights removed from ‘t Hogerhuysstraat

The portal to which the traffic lights are attached on the corner of van ‘t Hogerhuysstraat and Slangenhoutstraat was removed on Friday evening 16 October. The portal was damaged after it was hit by heavy transport on Monday 12 and Thursday 15 October. The portal construction was so damaged by the collisions that it had to be disassembled immediately to repair it.

Given the unstable situation of the portal, the Ministry of Public Works in Suriname had decided to dismantle the portal in the evening of Friday. The work started at 9:00 PM and lasted until 5:00 AM on Saturday morning. Work was done during the lockdown period.

The ministry draws the community’s attention to the fact that there is a headroom of 4.60 meters at the portal at the indicated location. Truck and heavy equipment drivers should take this into account to prevent damage to government property. The height of vehicles including load is set at 3.80m in accordance with the driving order in 1957.

Watch a video of the collision below.

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