Video Shows Wife Taken by Husband to a Cliff, Before Falling from a Height of 304 Meters

ANKARA, – A video shows the moment a wife was taken by her husband to a cliff, before allegedly being dropped from a height of 304 meters.

Hakan Aysal was detained after allegedly killing his wife, Semra Aysal, along with the baby who was only seven months pregnant.

The incident occurred while they were on vacation in Butterfly Valley, Mugla city, Turkey in June two years ago or 2018.

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The local police explained that the couple took a selfie before Semra was found to have fallen from a height of 304 meters.

Investigators believe that the murder was planned by Aysal so that he could collect insurance money from his wife.

The suspicion was later strengthened by a video that appeared, showing the couple descending a fairly steep cliff.

In the footage, the 40-year-old man holds his wife’s hand as he descends to get a better view of the Aegean Sea.

The tourist who recorded the moment revealed that Aysal was acting strange. Minutes later, it is believed he pushed his wife.

In the prepared indictment, the prosecutor stated that the husband had planned to kill Semra.

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The 32-year-old woman died while pregnant, so Aysal was able to collect insurance money of 400,000 lira (Rp.784.1 million).

Prosecutors explained the reason why they sat on the hill for three hours so that Aysal was sure no one saw them.

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Law enforcers explained that after making sure the situation was really quiet, the perpetrators immediately pushed Semra down.

The indictment also notes that Aysal immediately claimed his money shortly after his wife died, but was denied when news of the investigation broke.

Reported Daily Mail Wednesday (24/2/2021), Fethiye High Criminal Court ordered Aysal to remain sent to prison.

Semra’s brother, Naim Yolcu, told how his brother-in-law behaved strangely when they came to the forensic department to retrieve the victim’s body.

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“Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were devastated. However, he didn’t even look sad.

Yolcu said that all this time, Semra was very much against debt. However, they were shocked when they found out that Aysal had taken three loans on behalf of his wife.

“Apart from that, Semra is also very afraid of heights. Surely what kind of extreme sports will he undertake if he is afraid like that?” asked Yolcu.

Aysal joked that he likes extreme sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping, and rafting since 2014.

He admitted that because of his love for extreme sports, he immediately took out insurance before marrying Semra.

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Aysal also denied reports about the clause that he would be the sole recipient if his wife died.

He blessed the bank that compiled the manuscript. He just brought the plan to Semra to be signed.

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The suspect also denied that he deliberately pushed his wife from a height of 304 meters. He admitted that Semra’s cellphone had been put in a bag.

Then Semra asked Aysal to get his cellphone. “When I turned around, he was gone. So I didn’t push him,” he said.

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