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Video: Snow in Vidzeme; Very strong wind gusts in Ventspils port

On Monday morning, in many places in Latvia there is short-term rain, snow and hail, in some places in Vidzeme there is heavy and snow cover – for the first time this autumn in Latvia, according to meteorological information.

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In the early morning, the heaviest snowfall was observed on the Smiltene side, where the roads have become snowy and slippery in places. In most of Vidzeme the sky is cloudy, in the rest of the country the clouds only occasionally cover the sky.

Air temperature 0 .. + 3 degrees, in many places on the coast of Vidzeme and in the west of Kurzeme +4 .. + 8 degrees.

A slow to strong west, southwest wind blows. The biggest wind gusts are associated with rainfall clouds on the coast. On the west coast of Kurzeme and the coast of North Vidzeme, since Sunday evening, the wind speed in gusts has reached 20-21 meters per second (m / s), in the port of Ventspils – even 25 m / s.

There will be a variable amount of clouds in Riga, possible temporary precipitation. Air temperature +1 .. + 3 degrees, in the north of the city up to +5 degrees. Southwest wind 5 m / s, wind gusts up to 17 m / s have been registered in Daugavgrīva.

The maximum air temperature in the observation network of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center on Sunday was from +4.4 degrees in Aluksne to +10.4 degrees in the port of Liepaja.

The highest air temperature in Europe on October 18 was +29 degrees in the south of Spain and Russia, +30 degrees in Crete and +33 degrees in Cyprus. The lowest night temperature on Monday -11 degrees in northern Scandinavia.

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