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Video: supermarkets implement corona rules

Shopping in times of the corona crisis – more and more shops and supermarkets are adapting their shops to the new rules of conduct. A Rewe supermarket in Potsdam started doing this a few days ago and has met with broad approval, as the store manager, Mr. Gruber, confirmed on Friday: (O-TON HERR GRUBE, MARKET MANAGER REWE) “We have introduced the security of our customers and our employees Since last Monday, we have been asking customers at the entrance to keep their distance, we have also marked this on the floor, this is very disciplined, the customers stick to it. We disinfect the shopping cart handle and shopping basket for each customer, so that the customer has a certain security when shopping. And of course we always ask the customers to keep their distance. And I say we have only had good experiences since Monday. The customers fully adapt to our measures because it is is also for their own protection. ” Queues are already forming in front of the supermarket these days because admission is limited. There must not be too many customers in at once to keep a better distance. And in the next week, a plexiglass window will be installed at the cash registers – to protect against a possible droplet infection. Because even with an impending curfew, supermarkets usually remain open.

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