VIDEO. Three tips to optimize the storage of your suitcase


The holidays are coming. Preparations too. And for some, it's not a pleasure. Here are three tips to make this step easier.

1Choose what you put in your suitcase

To get the most out of the suitcase, the easiest way is to choose clothes that fit together and feel better. For example, Aurélie Capogna, coach in storage advises to take "t-shirts that go with every stocking, whether it's pants or shorts."This allows you to have the most possibilities of combinations once there.For shoes, the most clever is to favor a multifunctional pair, both comfortable in the day and elegant in the evening.

2Organize everything in mini-suitcases

To avoid making the suitcase a headache when finding something in it, it is best to anticipate. "I invite you, from the moment you pack the bag, to already group your items by category, by type of useAurélie Capogna argues, for example, electronic objects can be stored in a toilet bag separate from the one where there will be jewelry or toiletries.

3Stow everything in the big suitcase

Last step: the small kits prepared upstream can be organized in the big suitcase. Regarding the storage of clothing, there are folding techniques that maximize space. In addition, this technique makes the task easier when it is necessary to find a particular garment. "As everything is standing, you will be able to identify the garment much fasterAurélie explains that the suitcase will keep a tidy appearance during all holidays.


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