VIDEO: Ventis Vītols brings to light the unflattering facts about his child’s mother Magoni

Seeing Poppy basking on TV screens, Ventis is ready to resort to quite dirty weapons and is determined to bring to light all the truth about his child’s mother.

Already in tonight’s show, he will have gone to his former neighbor Kandava, who lived next to him when Magone had settled near Venta. True, the neighbor is also a good friend of Venta’s mother, but the close friendship of the two will not prevent the woman from confirming that Ventis did not raise his hand against Magoni, as the poet had said before: “Then I would have heard it behind the wall!” Commenting on Magone ‘s previous insults that Ventis had dragged him naked behind his hair on the floor, but poured boiling water on the face of his existing companion, the neighbor will say.

“Go behind you beans! I do not want to talk about such nonsense. I live behind a wall where I can almost hear every word. Well there have been no such things! This is nonsense! There is no Poppy for it! ‘ Venta also has information that Magone’s debts in England have increased by several thousand.

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