VIDEO: Woman catches fish nearly 2 meters in Saramacca

Photo via BIC Saramacca

Catching big fish is no longer special for Rose Wongsopawiro-Shridham of Saramacca. She has been doing this in Suriname for years. This morning she caught a Pasisi of just over 1.90 meters.

Wongsopawiro-Shridham lives on the Misgunstweg in Kweeklust in the district.
She also catches her fish at Kweeklust in the Saramacca River, 200 meters from her home.

Usually she only goes out to fish. ‘In the afternoon I throw a line in the river. My bait is usually a whole, sometimes half chicken. The next morning I will come and see what the catch is. Usually I have bitten a big fish, ‘says Rose.

To get such big fish out of the water, you have to get from good houses. She sells the caught fish for a reasonable price to local residents and interested parties.

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