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Vienna: mother admits killing of her three children

In Wien a woman claims to have killed her three children. The 31-year-old called the police emergency number and informed about the crime, said the authority on Saturday with.

According to a first autopsy report on Sunday, the nine-year-old daughter was suffocated. The coroner is provisionally assuming the same cause of death for her siblings at the age of three years and eight months. That said a police spokesman.

Early on Saturday morning, the police rushed to the apartment in the Austrian capital after the woman had not only reported about the dead children, but also spoke of suicide. The officers found a boy aged eight months and a three year old girl dead. The nine-year-old daughter was first taken to the hospital for resuscitation. The doctors tried in vain for an hour to save her.

Situation at the scene of the crime did not reveal any other suspects

The mother had confirmed the crime in an interrogation and said that she had suffocated her oldest daughter with a cushion. The situation at the crime scene did not reveal any evidence of another suspect, said a police spokesman.

The father had to move out of the shared apartment a few weeks ago, said the spokesman. The parents had previously injured each other in an argument. The police did not provide any information on a specific motive.

The child and youth welfare of the city of Vienna had supported the family with counseling and also clarified the risk for the children. A spokeswoman for the Austrian agency APA said that there was “no foreseeable risk from the contacts.”

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