Viewers enjoy convenient Montana at Chateau Meiland

When Martien and Montana set up a completely new guest room together, daughter Montana turns out to be indispensable because of her technical skills. This way she cleverly manages to maneuver the bed through the doorposts.

And when Martien’s great fear, electricity, comes into play, it is also Montana that takes the lead. By hanging a lampshade, she asks her father for a pair of pliers. “We’re not going to do anything with tongs here,” says Martien, who has been under power several times in the chateau. In the end, his daughter put the lampshade on without any problems.

“How good”, says Martien. And the viewers think so too. ‘He knows how to tackle things’, someone writes. Another: “I’m curious what the chateau would have looked like without Erica and Montana.”

Whoever became known by Chateau Meiland, is ‘family friend’ Caroline van Eeden. However, she left the chateau after some time. But now that the Meiland family is back in the Netherlands, she would love to embrace Martien again. She talks about it in the video below.

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