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The breaths have hardly any sound; yes the relief sounds of the Spanish players on the way to the locker room after going back to the match against South Africa. Spain went from suffering for 70 minutes with a debutant to lead group B (Germany also won, but 1-0 to China). They recognized Marta Corredera, Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso and company that Spain had not been Spain, that had not given the stature in the first part. They celebrated and Jorge Vilda the reaction in the second part. Jenni, scorer of the night, said they have work left in this World Cup. His two penalties calmed Spain. "The nerves were there, of course, I tried to think that I was throwing them in the park of my house … The second one has been even more complicated … At that moment I have not thought of anything but playing the net, and that's how it was," he said. the 10th of Spain. The last one appeared in the press room for having been chosen as the best player in the match.

Jenni, who they describe as "practice" in the national team, acknowledged that La Roja had not played well, but that they had won. Like the rest of his teammates explained that the goal of the tie took a burden off.

"We had to put the first one in order to take away that black cloud from above that we did not score goals … The team has shown today that it will go for all," said Marta Corredera. They asked if South Africa had surprised them in the first part. "Not surprising, because we already knew them, but we have not been at our level in the first part, we have rushed a lot, we have not had the tranquility that characterizes us and that has caused us to be caught in the cons," he answered. Why nerves? "Because you see that you're covering yourself, that the last passes are not coming in and that made us rush," he replied.

Vilda was also asked for nerves, for how it is explained that Spain hurt so much the goal of South Africa. "More than the goal, what preceded it. It was the consequence of the team dragging faults. We have lost duels, rebounds, failed simple passes; You could see that they were going to mark us. The best thing is that they have not scored the second one and that we have known how to react ", responded the coach with the face of having lost seven lives. "We have removed an important pressure backpack, for all the expectations and the commotion that has mounted in Spain that is new for us and to which we are not accustomed. It is what has affected us today, "he continued. "That slab of having to win the first game in a World Cup after four years makes a dent and has not let us be us. The team will grow in this tournament as they train and play more games, "added Vilda.

They asked him if the selection had failed more from the technical point of view and approach – that is, thing of the coach and the coaching staff – or from the mental point of view – or thing of the players -. "When we fail, we fail, and when they win, they win. Some sure approach will have failed, we will analyze it more calmly, "he answered. The approach changed it in the break with two changes and the exchange of positions of the laterals.

Marta Corredera was told at the end of the meeting that Spain had gone from suffering 70 minutes to being the leader of group B. "Suffering goes with us," he said.

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