Vin Diesel, Pixar and stories of brave women on the weekend of 8-M

‘Bloodshot’ with Vin Diesel and ‘Onward’, the new from Píxar, are the great productions that arrive on the billboard on a weekend marked by Women’s Day and numerous premieres with female labels as ‘Invisibles’ by Gracia Querejeta ‘,’ The green wave ‘or the’ biopic ‘about Harriet Tubman.


Vin Diesel, from the comic to the screen

Based on the character of Valiant Comics, Vin Diesel gives life to Ray Garrison, a soldier fallen in combat and brought back to life by the RST corporation as the superhero Bloodshot.

With an army of nanotechnology in his veins and unstoppable strength, Ray no longer knows what is real and what is not, but his mission will be to find out, according to the synopsis of the film directed by Dave Wilson (‘Love, death and robots’).


A fantasy world with the stamp of Pixar

The director Dan Scalon (‘Monsters University’) converts the few memories that his brother and he have left about his deceased father in a world of magic and fantasy in ‘Onward’, the last film in the Pixar universe.

Two teenage elven brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfood, set out to discover if there is still some magic in the world that allows them to spend a last day with their father, who died when they were still too young to remember.

‘The rhythm of revenge’

Almería, Cádiz and Madrid, protagonists with Blake Lively and Jude Law

Shot in part in Spain (Almería, Cádiz and Madrid) and starring Blake Lively and Jude Law, this intrigue and espionage thriller tells the story of a woman trapped in a self-destruct spiral since she lost her family in an accident aerial.

A former member of the secret services comes to his aid to uncover what really happened in that accident. This is the adaptation of the first part of the four novels of a saga signed by Mark Burnell.

‘Harriet In search of freedom

Cynthia Erivo, the escape from youth

Cynthia Erivo was nominated for best actress at the Golden Globes and at the Oscars for her portrayal of Harriet Tubman, a freedom fighter for enslaved African Americans in the United States.

Directed by Kasi Lemmons, ‘Harriet: in search of freedom’ travels from her days as a slave in Maryland to her escape in 1849 after the death of her master and her return to begin her abolitionist struggle.


Emma Suárez, Adriana Ozores and Nathalie Poza, protagonists

Starting at 50, women become invisible. This phrase that actress Mercedes Sampietro said a while ago to director Gracia Querejeta is at the origin of ‘Invisibles’, a film about three women who have exceeded that age and that addresses issues such as the wage gap, physical decline or emotional dependence.

Emma Suarez, Adriana Ozores and Nathalie Poza are the protagonists of this succession of meetings and dialogues that take place in the park where every Thursday they meet for a walk.


A story of racism and personal redemption

Based on the true story of the neo-Nazi Bryon Widner, leader of one of the most violent ‘skinheads’ organizations in the United States, ‘Skin’ is born from a short film that won the Oscar last year and stars Jamie Bell and Vera Farmiga.

Bryon is a young man raised by white supremacists, an education that has left him with deep hatred in his heart and a trail of skin tattoos, but when he falls in love with Julie he decides to leave the circle of violence and seek help.

‘The perfect candidate’

Saudi cinema in women

With ‘The Green Bicycle’ (2012) Haifaa al Mansour became known as the first female director of Saudi Arabia and now returns with ‘The perfect candidate’, about a young Saudi doctor who ends up running for municipal elections with the sole objective of paving the road of the hospital where he works.

The film describes the reality of many women in the desert kingdom with a hopeful point of view, demonstrating that perseverance can generate changes in society, however small they may seem.

‘The green wave’

The struggle to legalize abortion in Argentina

This documentary by Juan Solanas gives voice to women who have fought in Argentina for the legalization of abortion. In 2018, during the government of Mauricio Macri, the Chamber of Deputies endorsed a project that legalized abortion but the Senate rejected it in the midst of massive mobilizations that this film includes.

The new president, Alberto Fernández, has announced precisely this week that he will send back to Congress a bill to decriminalize the termination of pregnancy.

‘Save or die’

Pierre Niney, a hero firefighter in the melodrama

Learning to live again and accepting the help of others will be the lessons that the protagonist of this story of overcoming, Franck (Pierre Niney), has to learn from a fireman from Paris who sacrifices himself to save his men during a fire. Directed by Frederic Tellier, in France it conquered more than one million spectators.

‘The best is yet to come’

A comedy about friendship

After a great misunderstanding, two childhood friends decide to abandon everything to recover lost time. ‘The best is yet to come’ is the new comedy by the directors of ‘El nombre’ (2012), the French Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière.

Fabrice Luchini and Patrick Bruel star in this story rooted in dialogues and the life experiences of their creators past the 40-year-old barrier.

‘The chambermaid’


The Mexican opera Lila Avilés makes a bittersweet portrait of Eve’s life, employed in a luxurious hotel in Mexico City that is sacrificed to exhaustion by her daughter.

Inspired by a book by visual artist and photographer Sophie Calle, ‘La Camarista’ began as a theatrical project and ended up representing Mexico at the Oscars.

‘The Journey of Javier Heraud’

The life of the Peruvian poet Javier Heraud

Ariarca, niece granddaughter of the poet Javier Heraud, opens the trunk of memories and discovers a story to tell, that of his great-uncle, poet and guerrilla, killed at age 21 in the jungle of Peru, in 1963 in ‘The Journey of Javier Heraud ‘.

The director Javier Corcuera became known with his first feature film ‘The back of the world’ (2000), which collected three stories about human rights violations in the US, Turkey and Peru, and is the author of ‘La guerrilla de la Memory ‘or’ Winter in Baghdad ‘.


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