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Viral | Grapes can be stored undamaged in the refrigerator; Different style in Afghanistan; Video has gone viral

We use grapes in many ways. But a trader in Afghanistan shows us a traditional way of storing grapes for a long time. The video she shared has now gone viral on social media. Clay is naturally used to preserve grapes for a long time. Saud Faisal Malik, a Twitter user shared the video.

In Afghanistan, grapes are stored wrapped in clay. The consumer says that the grapes stored in this way will remain the same for a year or more. The first person to see in the viral video is a chariot passing by with grapes covered with clay. Then someone takes a clay pot from it and carefully breaks it. When you open it, you see the grapes sitting intact. Posted on April 17, more than 2.1 million viewers watched the video. The video received a number of comments.

This traditional method was followed in Afghanistan, surrounded by vines, fruit trees and snowy mountains. An archaeologist said in his Instagram post that the practice has been around in Afghanistan for centuries. It is also known as Kangina. The skins used by the people of northern Afghanistan are also used to keep the fruits intact during the winter.

Grapes are available at many prices around the world. This includes grapes that are worth lakhs. The grapes were auctioned off in Japan in 2019 for a record price called Rolls Royce Grapes.

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Her original name was Ruby Women Grape. These grapes are characterized by low acidity and high sugar content. This red grape is about the size of a ping pong ball. This grape is rarely seen. Each grape weighs more than twenty grams.

This red grape was introduced to the market in 2008. People in Japan buy this fruit only for gifts or for business purposes. In 2019, a small batch of these grapes sold for Rs 7,55,000. In other words, the cost of a grape is around Rs 35,000.

Grapes are one of the delicious fruits with many health benefits. Black grapes have more health benefits than green grapes. Black grapes are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

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