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VIRAL on Instagram | ’Cupid’, the cat that was cruelly attacked with an arrow on Valentine’s Day | Viral | Social Networks | Curiosities | United States | Virginia | Spain | Mexico | Viral animals

During last February 14, while everyone celebrated Valentine’s Day, a street cat was shot by an arrow in his eye. The cruel act almost kills him, but happily some rescuers, in U.S (USA), acted fast and was operated to save his life. His story went viral in Instagram in a matter of minutes.

A woman was in her home located in Hardy County, in VirginiaWhen he found the injured cat on his porch and alerted, he contacted rescuers. Seeing the terrible situation of the feline, who had a 5-inch arrow crossed from the corner of his right eye inward, they decided to take him to a nearby veterinarian where some pain relievers were administered, but they could not perform the surgery.

That’s how rescuers went to the ‘Arlington Animal Welfare League’, who picked up the animal on Saturday and took it to the emergency room to give him some medications and take x-rays. Only one day later the cat entered surgery and it was precisely there that he got his figurative name.

“We called him Cupid partly because they found him on Valentine’s Day and also because of how incredibly sweet and affectionate he was, despite feeling so much pain and discomfort.”, a spokeswoman said.

After performing the surgery, veterinarians discovered that the arrow had not affected any major organ or artery but had caused a large infection. The process took almost two hours and despite the pain the cat reacted positively: “He is doing well today, but our next obstacle is fighting the severe infection he has from the arrow wound. All he wants to do is eat and snuggle up. ”they added.

The expenses of the procedure were around $ 6,500, so the ‘Animal Welfare League’ requested the support of donors through the website “For Cupid, with love” and thus complete the payment of the bill. Surprisingly, the group’s social networks made public in their account Instagram that in less than a week a total of $ 65,000 had been raised, exceeding 10 times the requested figure.

The group also announced that the remaining money will be used to treat other animals that arrive in an emergency situation. Currently, ‘Cupido’ is recovering favorably and has its own account to keep its followers aware of their status.

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CUPID’S ORIGINAL STORY: WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES We know we’ve been asking for your help a lot recently, but today we urgently need your support for a young orange tabby with a horrific injury: DONATE AT THE LINK IN BIO! On Valentine’s Day, we received a call from one of our rescue partners in West Virginia who had just taken in a cat who had been shot in the head with an arrow. They rushed him to the hospital, where he was given pain medication, and the veterinarian believed that the arrow had been there for at least a week. Unfortunately, the rescue was financially unable to have the surgery performed to remove the arrow, and called us for help. How could we say no? As soon as we saw his photos, we knew we had to step up and see if we could save his life. He was transported to AWLA yesterday, and then rushed over to an emergency vet for pain medication, x-rays, and overnight care. This morning, our vet team picked him up and prepped him for surgery right away. Despite the immense amount of discomfort and pain he must have been in, he started to purr every time someone talked to him, making biscuits and asking for chin scratches. It was then that we decided to name him Cupid. Amazingly, during the surgery they discovered that the arrow had not penetrated any major organs or arteries, despite passing through the right side of his head to his shoulder blade. He did however, have a very serious infection that had spread from the tip of the arrowhead to the underside of his left arm. Our vet team worked for two hours to remove the arrow (using bolt cutters to cut off the arrowhead) clean out the infection and insert drains, sew up his large wounds, and neuter him. Cupid just woke up from surgery about an hour ago and so far is doing well. But he still has a long road ahead. His infection was very severe, so we are treating him with two types of antibiotics. This was a very intense surgery for a young, underweight cat, so we will be monitoring him carefully. At this point we cannot 100% guarantee he will make it through this ordeal, but we are doing everything we can, and he’s a fighter. Please make a gift today at the LINK IN BIO!

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It’s time for another Cupid update! As you know, we had a goal to raise $ 6,500 for Cupid’s care. Now after two days, multiple interviews and Cupid’s story reaching across the country, we just found out our current fundraising total – but you’ll have watch the video below to see how much money we have raised so far because of Cupid! Cupid continues to do well today and is switching between naps, snacks, and snuggles. He now has his own Instagram account, @savingcupid, where we will post daily updates. From now on we’ll just post weekly updates here on Facebook. We are so, so, SO grateful to everyone out there who has supported and / or donated because of Cupid … we are completely overwhelmed by your generosity and could not be happier to be a part of this community. THANK YOU!

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