Viral, repair services with all female personnel – A repair service is busy being discussed at social media. The reason is the service at South Korea it is done by women.

Posts regarding this service originate from news reports from BBC, October 14, 2020 shared on Twitter.

This service was initiated by a woman named Ahn Hyung-seon.

Uploads from the BBC in the @margianta account re-tweet with the following information added:

“Sexual violence on Korea The South has doubled in size in the last 10 years. The majority of victims are women.

Seeing this, Ahn Hyung-seon finally opened a repair service by female workers, for women who were afraid of foreign men coming to their homes. “

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Personal experience

Quoted from an interview with BBC, Ahn Hyung-seon admitted that he was inspired to open a repair service starting from his own life experience.

When he was a child, he admitted that he liked playing with tools and tidying up toolboxes.

However, people always say that such things are not for girls.

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Then, after growing up and living alone for 10 years, she realized that whenever there was something broken in her house and had to call repair services, only male personnel always came.

“Why are there no women in this sector,” he said.

This question is also one of the reasons that made him open repair services with all female personnel.

Not only to empower women, this service is said to aim to help those who are uncomfortable letting foreign men into their homes.

“Considering what is happening in Korea, it might be uncomfortable. The cases of barriers to entry continue to increase and cause concern,” he said.

Reducing the risk of sexual violence

According to Hyung-seon, in the last 10 years, cases of sexual violence in South Korea have continued to increase.

Nearly 90 percent of victims of these cases of violence were experienced by women.

Therefore, she hopes that the service she has initiated can minimize this risk and make women more comfortable when calling for repair services.

The service he started has managed to repair damage to more than 500 homes last year.

Now, the company continues to grow.

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Change the general view

Hyung-seon and his team are trying to keep changing the “general view” that sees the work they do is not women’s work.

“This is difficult work for both women and men. You need stamina and must be ready to lift heavy objects,” he explained.

However, despite the challenges, she emphasized that women can do work in this sector.

“Any woman can do it if they dare to accept the challenge,” said Hyung-seon.

He also hopes that more women can join him, so that what they do becomes normal.

Hyung-seon also expressed his desire to quickly build a whole building together with other female technicians.

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