Viral, this man was raided by his wife and in-laws when he married another woman

BANGKOK, – A man in Thailand was abysmally embarrassed when his marriage was thwarted by his wife and mother-in-law. He married his new lover, despite being a husband with two children.

Video footage that went viral on social media showed a woman dressed in black angrily attending a wedding in Chai Nat province. He even hit his son-in-law’s head, Sarunyoo Mukaew (34).

The action was carried out in front of the family of the bride and the monks who blessed the marriage. In the broadcast, the monks were confused by the incident, but still chanted blessings.

Local media reported that the bride actually knew that the man of her choice, who was also the police, was married.

The legal wife, Nipapan Peuchpen (33), said she suspected that her husband had another lover in the past year but did not expect to marry him.

“At first I didn’t think my husband would marry his girlfriend. Before the wedding, he still lived with me and said he would go to work the night shift at his office,” said Nipapan, as reported back in The Sun, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

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