Viral Video of a Boy’s Head Stuck in a Fan Hole, Its Appearance Makes Goosebumps – A girl in China caused a stir when her head got stuck in a fan’s vent and caused a horror apparition.

Adapt Daily Star Tuesday (31/8/2021), the incident occurred on Friday (27/8/2021) at the girl’s house in Puding, Guizhou province, China.

The strange accident occurred when the 8-year-old boy was curious to find a hole on the second floor of his house.

The 20 cm wide hole should be used for the fan connecting the 1st and 2nd floors.

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However, the little girl who was not named was curious and stuck her head in the hole until it was trapped.

As a result, the girl’s hair fell down so that it looked like a ball of hair hanging in the corner of the house.

The mother is trying to get her child out of the trap.[Weibo/China Fire Brigade]

The boy’s mother was suddenly surprised to see a ball of hair in the corner of her house. However, after hearing his son scream, he realized that his son was trapped.

The child’s mother tried to get him out, but to no avail. Finally he called the firefighters.

Puding city firefighters captured the moment they tried to get the boy’s head out of the hole.

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One of the officers was seen trying to push the boy’s head away while another grabbed him from below, but to no avail.

Officers also tried to widen the hole using pliers, but to no avail. Then they put oil on the girl’s head and finally managed to get the boy’s head out.

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“My nose hurts!” the little girl shouted as officers tried to pull her out of the hole.

Anshun Fire Rescue Pudding Commander Yang Hao said that the boy was stuck in the pit for an hour.

Officers spent about 40 minutes to free the girl. He was then taken to the hospital for further examination.

According to her parents telling the local, the girl was not injured even though she was trapped for a long time.

The video of saving the little girl was uploaded to Weibo social media and immediately invited various comments from netizens.

“My heart really skips a beat when I see hair flowing like that. But at least the girl is okay.” wrote one netizen.

“It’s like the scene from The Ring where a ghost crawls out of a well. I shouldn’t be watching this at night.” replied another netizen.


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