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Viral, Video of the Seconds of a Man Pushing a Woman onto the Rails When the Train Will Cross the Page all

KOMPAS.com – A surveillance video footage or CCTV camera captures a young man pushing a woman onto the train tracks, went viral on social media Saturday (15/1/2022).

The woman was pushed hard enough to fall onto the railroad tracks and was almost crushed by a subway that was about to cross in Brussels, Belgium.

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Chronology of events

Quoted from The Independent, Saturday (15/1/2022), CCTV caught the perpetrator walking back and forth on the platform before launching his attack at the Rogier metro station on Friday (1/14/2022) at around 19:45 local time.

Then, the man suddenly pushed the woman in the white coat to fall onto the rails.

A metro train that was traveling right near the woman’s location fell and suddenly stopped.

Residents who were in the vicinity of the location quickly pulled the woman to safety.

The machinist reacted very swiftly

What happened at the subway station in Belgium was in the spotlight.

Brussels STIB spokesman Guy Sablon said that at that time the train operator saw a woman falling on the tracks and immediately applied the emergency brake just in time.

Then, the driver reacted quickly so that the woman was not run over by the subway.

“The driver reacted very well, but he was also in deep shock, as were the victims,” ​​Sablon told The Brussels Times, Saturday (15/1/2022).

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Afterwards, the woman and the metro car machinist were taken to the hospital and returned after receiving treatment.

Both the police and emergency services were immediately called to the scene.

The incident resulted in the disruption of metro traffic between Elisabeth and Arts-Loi stations until 8:15 p.m. local time.

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The suspect has been arrested

The Brussels Prosecutors’ Office confirmed that the suspect fled immediately after pushing the poor woman onto the tracks and nearly getting hit by a train.

“Thanks to the distribution of the suspect’s image within the police service, he was intercepted minutes later while he was at the De Brouckère metro station,” spokeswoman Sarah Durant told The Brussels Times.

The suspect was questioned by an investigative judge and detained for attempted murder.

The examining judge appointed a psychiatrist to examine the suspect’s condition.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident is still ongoing to determine the exact circumstances of the incident and the suspect’s motive.

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