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Viral video wheelchair users are prohibited from entering the GBK stadium area, this is the story page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Abil Asswad (32) was forced to give up his intention to exercise in the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium area just because he is a wheelchair user.

On Sunday (12/26/2021) at 19.26 WIB, Abil wanted to exercise by surrounding the GBK Stadium.

However, when he was about to enter the GBK Stadium area, he was immediately barred by security officers on the grounds that wheeled devices were not allowed to enter.

“I was immediately shocked, how come wheelchairs are prohibited from entering. The officer gave the reason for the roller skates, skateboard, bicycles, and the like with wheels are prohibited from entering on the orders of the GBK manager. I’m really ashamed of the people around me,” Abil told Kompas.com, Tuesday (12/28/2021).

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Feeling discriminated against, Abil argued with the officer who forbade it.

He even had to wait for the GBK manager who came about an hour later.

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However, he said, it was the team commander (danru) who came on duty using a vehicle buggy car from the stadium area.

“There was a little debate and I tried to give an understanding to the danru. Finally I was allowed to enter, but because it was more than 8 p.m. mood again,” he said.

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Abil said this was the first time he had experienced this.

He was also very disappointed with the action of the officer who forbade him to enter.

In fact, in the announcements posted around the GBK Stadium, what are prohibited from entering are wheeled equipment such as bicycles, scooters, skateboard, and its kind.

He also saw that the officers did not understand the difference between wheelchairs and wheeled equipment which were prohibited from entering the GBK area.

“They don’t understand at all (the difference between wheelchairs and other wheeled devices), that’s why I said they lacked education, they weren’t even educated by their superiors or managers,” said Abi.

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Abil hopes that this incident will not be repeated and that there will be no more discrimination against persons with disabilities.

“We all have the same needs, it’s just that our capabilities are limited,” he said.

Abil also hopes that the government will continue to improve access for persons with disabilities, including educating officers who guard public spaces such as GBK.

The video about what happened to Abil went viral after being uploaded to the Pedestrian Coalition’s Instagram account. The video has been played more than 29,000 times.

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The Chair of the Pedestrian Coalition, Alfred Sitorus, regretted the actions of officers at GBK who prohibited wheelchair users from entering the GBK Stadium area.

According to him, GBK officers should be trained in handling people with special needs, such as wheelchair users.

Moreover, GBK belongs to the state which should be friendly to all people.

“Officers at GBK should be trained, educated, get education or training how to handle wheelchair users, visually impaired, deaf friends, that’s how they handle it differently,” said Alfred to Kompas.com, Tuesday.

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