Virologist explains the effectiveness of dust masks from supermarkets

The difference between hygiene and medical masks is not fundamental

Capital supermarket chains have opened the sale of hygiene masks. Outwardly, they are no different from medical surgical masks, which several months ago completely disappeared from Moscow pharmacies. However, the packaging indicates that the masks are not medical, and can only protect against particles of dust, pollen and wind. The cost of these products is several times higher than the price of medical masks in pharmacies – from 180 to 200 rubles for 5 pcs. People ask themselves: is there any point in spending money on them?

Virologist, chief researcher at the Gamalei Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Viktor Zuev explained to MK that when used in everyday life, the difference between hygiene and medical masks is not fundamental. The main thing is to avoid salivary splashes in the nose, mouth and eyes, with which the infection is transmitted. Moreover, a homemade fabric mask and a scarf thrown over his nose can cope with this task. Therefore, it is worth buying expensive disposable hygiene masks only if you cannot make them yourself from improvised materials.

– The virus itself does not fly on wings; it is transmitted through spray of saliva. Of course, it’s best to stay at home, but if you need to go to the store, you may have to ask the cashier something. So that the spray does not get into your mouth and nose, even muffler thrown over your nose will help. Or a home-made mask, if you can make it – there will be no difference with a medical mask for you, ”the expert noted.

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