Virologist of the RAS listed the consequences caused by coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Russian scientists have come to the conclusion that a person who has a coronavirus infection with COVID-19 may face serious brain damage. About it reported The publication “Evening Moscow”, a virologist scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Felix Ershov.

As scientists have established, COVID-19, like influenza and herpes viruses, can lead to the death of entire sections of this organ. According to Ershov, coronavirus greatly weakens the protection of the human body.

In particular, the virus suppresses the immune system, so an additional so-called somatic pathology can be superimposed on the disease. As with ordinary flu, the patient’s body is weakened, and his immunity is suppressed. Against this background, secondary immunodeficiencies develop in the body.

Often, elderly people are at risk for such a pathology. Because of their immunity, children and youth are much less prone to complications, Yershov noted. According to him, strokes and heart attacks, as well as concomitant diseases: bronchitis, meningitis and others, can also occur as pathologies in the elderly.

As a virologist noted, the main cause of death from coronavirus, as a rule, is not COVID-19 itself, but pathology. In this regard, after the first week of the disease, if it has not receded, antibiotics are actively used in treatment.

Ershov said that traditional antibacterial agents do not act on viruses. According to him, the only antiviral antibiotic today is interferon, which has a direct effect on the stages of intracellular reproduction of viruses.


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