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virologist told what will be the second wave of COVID-19

The second wave of distribution of COVID-19 in Russia will be “climatic”, and it is worth waiting for its start around October. In the future, the new coronavirus will become as regular a phenomenon as seasonal flu.

This was stated in an interview with Zvezda channel by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Viktor Zuev. He noted that the very concept of “second wave” usually refers to the incidence of influenza. In this case, we are talking about the fact that first, for example, influenza A comes, and after some time – influenza B. As for the coronavirus, so far we can only talk about its seasonality.

– The second wave will be “climatic”. Influenza comes to us twice a year – in early spring and late autumn, when it is cold, damp, windy. In July, August, and September we will forget about the coronavirus, as we forget about the flu virus, we don’t even remember about it, ”Viktor Zuev is sure. – In October, this so-called second wave will begin. Coronavirus, unlike the flu, turned out to be very contagious, that’s what makes it special. But when the pandemic subsides, its infectivity will decline.

In the future, the professor believes, the coronavirus will stand for us on a par with other pneumotropic viruses, that is, those that affect the respiratory system. These include influenza and other viruses that cause SARS, the names of which we do not even know, although in fact there are many.

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