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“Virologists in tracksuits” turned to Zelensky: Ukraine: Former USSR: Lenta.ru

Protesters in the Ukrainian village of Novye Sanzhary, whom Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called “virologists in tracksuits,” recorded a video message for the country’s leader. About this writes the online edition “Strana.ua”. The video was published by the channel Poltavske.TV.

Young people were called provocateurs who came from other cities to the scene of the incident in order to destabilize the situation in connection with the arrival of Ukrainian citizens evacuated from China. In response, they said that they are residents of the Poltava region, and not visitors. One of the authors of the appeal also said that he was a participant in the hostilities and is a patriot.

Earlier Zelensky promised to punish those responsible for the riot as a result of the evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan to the village of Novye Sanzhary of “virologists in tracksuits.” According to him, such people deliberately spread panic among people. The president was also outraged by the behavior of the villagers who threw stones at buses with Ukrainians evacuated from China. He stated that the most terrible virus is the hate virus.

Several dozen Ukrainians arrived from China on February 20 and were quarantined in Novy Sanzhary. The locals tried to prevent this by blocking the roads and having a fight with the police. In the Lviv and Ternopil regions, people erected barricades and organized roadblocks against the placement of evacuated compatriots in local hospitals.

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