“Vite in Fuga”, Claudio Gioè and Anna Valle protagonists of the family-thriller fiction

An intergenerational story, a drama endowed with assonances with the dramatic spirit but full of potential of the time we are living in. «Vite in Fuga is an action series that focuses on an entire family unit not only by uprooting him from their everyday life, but by suddenly confronting him with questions: what do we know about the people we love? ».

Claudio Gioè (The best of youth, The Mafia kills only in summer, The system, Night Passengers) is the protagonist together with Anna Valle, his wife, of Vite in fugue, the TV drama that lands on Rai1 from 22 September for 6 first evenings directed by Luca Ribuoli (previewed on RaiPlay from 20), a Rai Fiction Paypermon co-production. With the participation of Giorgio Colangeli, Barbora Bobulova and Ugo Pagliai.

The Palermo actor points out: «It is the extraordinary adventure of a normal family, at the center of a great intrigue for which he knows no reasons and boundaries. Claudio and Silvia Caruana have money, respectability, a marriage that has lasted for twenty years and two children who have never given problems. Until one day Claudio (Gioè) ends up under investigation for the financial scandal of the bank he works for, he receives numerous threats and, when his colleague and friend Riccardo is found dead, the main suspect in the murder seems to be him. Escape appears to be the only possible solution. To escape the threats, discover the truth about Riccardo’s murder and rehabilitate his name, I accept the help of Cosimo, a former secret service agent, who offers my family fictitious identities and a new future to start far away, in disguise, among the mountains of Alto Adige ».

For the Caruana family begins a journey made up of dangers, suspicions, shocking surprises, a painful but necessary path that will lead them to the truth and to rediscover the values ​​that had united them. “A middle-class family, which thinks it has everything, almost perfect,” explains Gioè in a telephone conversation with ANSA while in Sicily on the set of another Rai series by Palomar – the answer to Montalbano has already been defined – “Màkari »Based on four short stories by Gaetano Savatteri, directed by Michele Soavi (” here I am Saverio Lamanna, a journalist just fired from the press office of a deputy minister, who decides to return from Rome to Sicily, in the family home, with strict anti-covid rules two three swabs a week “).

Speaking of Covid Gioè notes «today as in Vite in Fuga we find ourselves with an invisible enemy having to deal, if in the filmic fiction we run away, we find ourselves moving house and locking ourselves up in mountain areas, with people unknown to us. So today many people are at home in smart working, many have lost their jobs or are forced to make sacrifices to reinvent themselves, many see their life partners in a new light, with daily cohabitation “.

Having said that, the Sicilian actor who has already worked with Ribuoli in the Mafia kills only in the summer, loved this series very much “I felt good, it was very lively, until the end when I read the script I wanted to know how it was going to end “.

Anna Valle is Silvia who will then be called Anna in the new identity, and answers ANSA on the phone “mine is a character in constant evolution and this is always a great challenge for an actor, his certainties waver, the story is a family tight triller. I am Claudio’s wife (Claudio Gioè), our teenage children Alessio (Tobia De Angelis) and Ilaria (Tecla Insolia) believe they are in full control of their lives. When our lives undergo such an upheaval, after a moment of bewilderment, the questions will also come. Who was I, I really wanted the life I have led up to now, the tranquility, the beautiful house, what have I neglected, and who is my husband really? I find myself taking on the identity of a new woman, or perhaps one I never knew or had the courage to be. I will find to find comfort in a person. But then the situation will evolve again ».

“Luca Ribuoli’s direction is modern – together we have already worked, he knows me well – I owe a lot to Claudio Gioè, he is a colleague who knows how to listen”. Anna Valle has been busy in the last few months and weeks between stop and go simultaneously on two sets Luce dei Tuoi Occhi with Giuseppe Zeno for Mediaset and the Compagnai del Cigno with Alessio Boni for Rai1: “Let’s say it was a continuous buffer but they were all very helpful and professional. The first story with Zeno is a melodramatic thriller set in Vicenza in a fascinating dance academy. I am an ambitious and courageous woman convinced that her daughter, believed dead, is alive and is one of the students of the dance academy where she, now a famous star, took her first steps ». (ANSA).

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